is changing the way investors make trading decisions. Long gone are the days of leafing through newspapers, calling your broker, and flipping on the TV to find up-to-date news on companies, firms, and stocks. That system is archaic and disorganized, which makes it difficult to collect relevant information in real-time unless you are a professional.    Investfeed consolidates all that information to give you the convenience of an integrated financial feed.     But Investfeed promises more than a tailored newsfeed. If you are a savvy investor, you can earn monthly income by running a premium feed. Correct market predictions earn you credibility and a high ranking, as well as the opportunity to charge followers a monthly fee for access to your well-researched predictions. The flip side of this is that members can make wiser investment decisions by following premium feeds with proven track records.    The financial startup was founded in 2011 by Wall Street trader Ronald C. and Software Engineer Andrew Freedman. With over a decade of experience in their respective fields, the entrepreneurs paired up to revolutionize the financial sector. The world has long been misinformed by listening to biased stock recommendations from TV channels or stock brokers but Investfeed’s founders are dedicated to transparency. Members at Investfeed put their reputation on the line for their stock recommendations and it doesn’t get any more credible than that.    When it comes to financial decisions, security is of chief importance. Much like Twitter, Investfeed will use background checks to verify account information. The founders also promise a comprehensive flagging system that reviews accounts and their posts to eliminate spam. The site is also linked on the back end to two banks to ensure that members receive seamless and secure invoices and payments every month.     The social media platform saves time but it also changes the game. By using a platform that emphasizes transparency and credibility, members can finally make wiser investment decisions by following the advice of successful investors who put their reputation on the line every time they make a recommendation. Wise investing is not about having all the information, but about having the   right   information.     Investfeed is set to open to the public on September 7. It has already shown strong promise among the professional investing community and Investfeed promises to start releasing the names of well-known investor members as the release date gets closer.
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